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Why have a site like this?.....

Our Orthopaedic Training Program offers you a framework on which to build your Orthopaedic education but it requires exposure to a range of other educational opportunities which must be used wisely to be of greatest benefit.

There is a plethora of courses available to Trainees run by a wide variety of  organisations both commercial and non-commercial and it is often difficult to decide which are worthwhile and which are not. There is no resource available which gives objective feedback which can help in making a choice......until now.

Funding for study leave is limited and must be used effectively. This site offers that opportunity.

The experience of all ARCP / RITA panels is that there is a wide variation in the quality of evidence presented relating to Study Leave. This site, in what we hope is a user friendly way, should raise the overall standard of evidence presentation and allow you to reflect more effectively on your learning experiences.

If you are a trainee on the Northern program this is your site. Use it to its potential and you and all your fellow trainees will benefit. When we have demonstrated that it works for us here we should be able to roll it out across the whole country - let's make it work!

This is a non-commercial site and has been funded from revenue gained from training courses run in the North East.

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